Thursday, January 20, 2001, 7:30 P.M.


Directors: Jim Taylor, David Campbell, Kelly Gantt

Manager: Gail Smith

  1. Call to Order:

    Jim Taylor called the meeting to order at 7:53 p.m. stating that we had 144 owners or their proxies present which met the quorum specifications.

    Stated purposes of this meeting are to approve the budget for 2001, elect officers and appoint committee members and chairs, and conduct a town meeting.

    Procedures to be used will be Robert’s Rules of Order. Owners were asked to be recognized, introduce self, and limit comments to two minutes or less. Jim asked for a motion to accept these procedures; motion made and seconded.

    A brief review was given of last years annual meeting. Motion was made and seconded to approve minutes from that meeting without a reading.

  2. Review 1999 Budget

Owners were asked to refer to the budget handout they were given as each section is discussed.

Capital expenditures shortfall of $1023 which includes replacement of street light destroyed by vandals.

Fence repair had a $2013 shortfall due to contractor needing to make two or three repairs in addition to the $7500 that was allocated.

Tennis courts had largest shortfall of $10798 caused by a couple of problems – bids were not within the $20010 estimate and the concrete pad and asphalt cover was twice as thick as normal. Jim stated that he approved the bid from the contractor recommended to by the T Bar M folks and agreed to pay the increased cost of the materials for the concrete pad in order to ensure future support.

  1. 2001 Budget Proposal

$4000 is needed to finish the lights around the tennis courts.

Beth Sokolyk presented the expenditures for the pool area : $21,000 for a shade awning; $10,000 for a playscape; $2001 for picnic tables, benches and grills; and $5000 for patio furniture. Total Capital Expenditures: $43,000.

At this point there were several questions regarding the number of bids put out for the shade awning, the materials used for the shade awning and there life expectancy and replacement cost. Concerns were voiced regarding the amount of vandalism around the neighborhood the need for a more secure area before adding further amenities to the pool area. Charlene Blevens recommended hiring a pool manager to oversee the pool area and that would help maintain safety. Other people voiced concerns about the safety of the awning over the pool area. Concerns were also voiced regarding the noise that would be generated by the use of the playscape.

After much discussion, Jim recognized that are opposing views regarding the pool area improvements and that it was time to move on.

Other maintenance and repair expenditures includes $6000 to buy bricks, $3000 for general expenditures – which includes hiring John Guthrie as our handyman, and $10,000 for street repairs. There was no further discussion.

There was some discussion following. Jim Newton stated that he would rather see our money spent on rule compliance through the courts as necessary rather than on pool amenities. Tom Wolfe stated that most of the homeowners are cooperative with 2-3 exceptions. Lavelle Ferris questioned if there was a need to review the covenants. After further discussion Jim reiterated that a vote for this expenditure would give the board the direction they need to pursue habitual violates on a case by case basis.

Preston Clancey asked about having a telephone extension put in the large meeting room.

  1. Budget Approval

    At this point Jim asked for a vote to approve the 2001 budget of $139,100 by show of hands. There was a total of 118 homeowners in favor of approving this budget. Due to the inaccuracy of the hand count Jim asked that we once more vote by raising one hand if in favor of the proposed budget. The second count was 126 in favor.

    After the vote was finalized, Kelly Gant asked that his vote and the proxies he was voting be changed for votes against the approval of the budget, making the final counts 115 and 123 – still a majority of the 144 votes present. The budget is approved.

  2. Committee Reports
  1. Open Board Position

    Jim stated that there was one person nominated for the board position open. He introduced Art Clonts as the one nomination. Art introduced his wife, Jean, and told a little about himself and his desire to work with the board. Jim asked for further nominations from the floor. There were none. Jim asked for a motion to elect

    Art Clonts. Motion made and seconded.

  2. Presentation by Preston Clancey

    Preston gave a brief description of the finance seminar he would be presenting at the clubhouse on February 12.

  3. Candidate Presentation

    Candidates running for sheriff positions in Guadalupe county made brief presentation.

  4. Town Hall Meeting

    Jim asked if there were any other questions are concerns that owners would like addressed.

    There was one question regarding how long a lot could stay vacant. Eyvette Warnecke asked about the stop signs and if they were official. Jim stated that the stop signs are official but our roads are privately owned.

  5. Close

With no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM.


Southbank Manager: Gail Large
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